Custom Screen Rooms in Tampa, FL



When you're entertaining guests or just enjoying your family in your outdoor living space, numerous elements outside can interfere such as the weather, bugs and much more. You can protect yourself, guest and family from outdoor factors. Investing in a screen room will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space with an added level of protection.

At Anderson Aluminum Inc. we offer a full line of screen room options. You can choose from insulated and non-insulated roofs. If you're not sure which option is best for you, our team is readily available to talk and discuss your options in depth and assist you in choosing a screen room just for you.

Screen Rooms

Vinyl Rooms

Vinyl rooms offer protection and comfort from the outdoors . A light-weight material is implemented that imitates the appearance of glass however makes being outside in your outdoor area more enjoyable. Enjoy the outside feel of the breeze and enjoy the view of your background when you choose vinyl for your screen room.

Acrylic Rooms

Acrylic rooms are an excellent insulator and choice for preserving your outdoor porch area. Acrylic panels will not crack and will be able to handle external weather conditions from cold winters to hot summers and everything in between. Available in a variety of frame colors, we can customize it to your outdoor space.

Glass Rooms

Glass rooms are a great way to add value and protection to your home. Not only will you have added shelter from exterior elements, glass rooms also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor area. Glass rooms allow natural light to enter in and is a great connector from your home to the outdoors.
If you want to invest or discuss custom screen rooms for your home, contact our team at (813) 961-1764.